Ep55 Introducing 21st Century HR, Live


April 13th, 2020

9 mins 11 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

These are strange times. As a global community, we're experiencing something that will shape our generation and steer our future in ways we can't yet imagine. As a content creator, I've been wrestling with how to be supportive and additive during the crisis. I suspended my usual podcast programming to focus on coronavirus special coverage interviewing HR executives about how they're supporting their companies and employees through these times.

As the situation continues to evolve and many of us with the privilege of being able to practice social distancing expect we'll continue quarantining for the near-term future, I wanted to create something that supported our need for information, education, resources, community, and hopefully some levity and positivity during these difficult times.

21st Century HR will be a live stream show featuring news, information, and interviews from the world of work. The show will air Monday through Friday from 12–12:30p ET and broadcast on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. 

The format will be loose and light. It will feel something like one of the late-night remote interview shows (with 78% less polish and 95% less star power). 

Some of the content we'll cover includes:

👩 Interactive conversations with talent and business leaders
🔦 Key news and updates impacting the world of work
⚖️ ️Real discussions on quarantine life spanning work, parenting/schooling, mental health, productivity, fitness, and more.
🤲🏼 Resources to support those impact by COVID layoffs
🤙🏼 Positive news stories and initiatives

Hope to see you there!